Saint Rita's New Catholic Church 

The Building Committee to share the progress that has been made on the new Saint Rita’s Church Building Project. Since our last presentation some changes have been made to enhance the beauty of the church, help reduce costs, and accommodate individuals with special needs.  The most visible change has been to the front of the church. 


The first change that you will notice is the absence of the portical at the front entrance.  The estimated cost of the entry portical would have been $198,000.  The two side entry porticals were also removed and would have cost an additional $96,000 bringing the cost of the three porticals to approximately $300,000. In place of the front portical, our plan is to have a large stained glass window depicting the nativity scene. The stained glass window and the two double doors will be recessed into the building to protect them from the weather.  The other notable changes at the front of the church are the special needs entry ramps, the raised circular steps, an outdoor ambo for church activities in the Plaza, planters for future outdoor statues on each side of the entryway, and cruciform LED lighting on the church tower. This architectural rendering represents what our new Saint Rita’s church will look like when construction is completed.

At our last informational presentation, we shared with you that that we would be building the church in three phases. Our initial plan was to build the church without the transepts or the day chapel at a cost of (  $  ) and add the transepts and chapel at a later date when funding became available. However, after meeting and sharing our church construction project with our new Bishop, Joseph Brennan, he informed us that the diocese would loan us the additional funds needed to include the transepts in the first construction phase so that we would not have to come back at a later date and tear down walls in order to add the transepts.  This new floor plan includes the nave and transepts at a cost of ( $ ).  Needless to say, Fr. Ivan, the Building Committee and the Finance Council agreed with Bishop Brennan’s offer as a cost saving measure protecting us from future rising construction costs and minimizing disruptions and dismantling of our newly built church.

This is a view of the interior of our church.  It will have a seating capacity of approximately 1476 parishioners.  This month we completed the process of interviewing and selecting a church furnishing company to make the seating pews to our specifications for both the nave and the transepts. We relocated the reconciliation rooms closer to the entrance of the church (point out), we moved the baptismal font to the front of the church (point out), placed the crying room/brides room at the entrance (point out), and expanded the narthex since we would not be having a front portico.

This is an updated version of our site master plan and includes all of the updated changes. For your reference, the church property is at the N.W. corner of Bardsley Ave and Morrison St.


.  Reference the building Colors.  The darker color of the Church represents the Phase 1

   construction that God willing, we hope to begin in March of 2020 (in 6 months).  Once

   we begin construction, we anticipate that it will take 11 to 12 months to build the

   church. The lighter building colors represent the other construction phases that will

   necessitate that we continue fundraising while the church is being built and after it is

   built. Each building has its own cost.  Our plan is to build each building in the

   following order as funding become available.


Order of Construction Phases.


   . 1st the entire sanctuary except for the Day Chapel

   .  2nd - Youth Center/Parish Hall

   .  3rd - Classrooms

   .  4th – Parish Office

   .  5th – Day Chapel

   .  6th – Rectory